Larder n (ˈlär-dər) — a place used to store food; a pantry; a supply of food

Here in the Portland Metro area, we are blessed with a climate that allows us to grow an incredible variety of fruits and vegetables. Although nothing beats fresh, in-season produce, preserving an abundant harvest for long-term storage can be a healthy and satisfying way to capture those bright seasonal flavors and prevent food waste.

Whether you shop the farmers market, forage in U-pick fields, tend a hearty home garden, or have a single prolific fruit tree, that fresh produce can be transformed into something that will continue to nourish you throughout the year. The Lucky Larder can help with education about custom, small-batch, fruit and vegetable preservation. You can take a group class, get one-on-one instruction, host a preservation party, and find individual support for your preservation projects. Contact us directly for more information about how we can help.

Note: We are currently taking a brief hiatus from most teaching in order to dedicate more time to research and development. However, we are still occasionally available for private lessons and events. Contact us for further details – and keep an eye out for future classes!