The Lucky Larder provides a wide variety of instruction and support services for those wanting to preserve fruits and vegetables in and around Portland, Oregon.

Public Classes
Interested in learning how to preserve your own foods? We offer small Group Classes in and around Portland, Oregon. (Check out our Events & Classes page.) We are also happy to schedule classes for private or community events in your neighborhood community center, school, church or private home. Contact the Lucky Larder to schedule a class or let us help you host a Canning Party! Learn what it takes to successfully and safely preserve your own produce.

Custom Tutorials
Prefer one-on-one instruction to a group class? The Lucky Larder’s Custom Tutorials are a great way to get your personal preservation questions answered. If you know you will be facing an abundance of a particular fruit (maybe you have a bountiful pear tree?) or if there is one vegetable (like the tomato?) that you simply can’t get enough of when it’s in season, tutorials are a great way to learn a variety of methods for preserving that specific produce item. Receive individualized instruction and hands-on practice in a Custom Tutorial. Contact the Lucky Larder for more information about tutorial options.

Preservation Services
Don’t have the time, confidence or desire to tackle preservation projects yourself? We can help you turn your baskets of figs, boxes of tomatoes or buckets of berries into shelf-stable jams, sauces, pickles, spreads and other goodies for your home larder. Our Preservation Services include side-by-side support and instruction while helping you complete your preservation project or, in some cases, we can even complete the project for you with our Drop-off/Pick-up service. Contact the Lucky Larder for more information about specific Preservation Services.